Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mak Yong a Traditional Musical Theater

Mak Yong Traditional Musical theater which always has been the previlage of the royal of the state of Kelantan during the olden days of the Malay sultanage era.

A few months back, the Mak Yong traditional Musical theater was performed at the RTM Kuching, Sarawak theater. We love the traditional music played by the musician. The beautiful traditional costume wore by the dancer is beautiful. Hope that in future, more musical drama will be performed in Kuching. This will boost up the artistic scene in Sarawak.

The traditional music played by the musician.
The dancer of the Mak Yong. We still done really understand each of the movement of the dancer.
A beautifully and graciously movement of the dancer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Musical Charity Concert in Kuching: A Duo Recital

A Musical Charity Concert was organized by Sarawak Music Society and Co-organised by Borneo Rainforest (Sarawak) NPO featuring a duo recital by Aki Utsunomiya (Piano) and Misato Sakai (vocal) on 22 september 2009 at 7.30 pm at the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

" Tunggu Sekejap" a P. Ramlee's great and was one of our favorite song that night.

It was a rare occasion that Kuching have such kind of musical concert. I guess the music scene in Kuching is up coming and more younger generation is getting involved. The concert also featuring a few guest artist namely Drs. Yoesbar Djaelani, D'artes ensemble, Laura Pranti Tutom, Eddie Chan, Christopher Dino David Ebol.

Some of the song was composed and arranged by Laura Pranti Tutom a local composer and also Drs. Yousbar Djaelani a well known composer, arranger and conductor.

The evening started off by a lovely piano piece played by Aki Utsunomiya and followed superb soprano performance by Misato Sakai. This was a first experience listening to a wonderful pianist and suprano by some of the audience during that evening concert.

Miss Aki Utsunomiya and Misato Sakai given the audience a wonderful musical experience.

Misato Sakai graduated and major in vocal performance especially in Italian Opera and German Art Song and she also played the piano. she is currently lecturing in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. A wonderful suprano vocal by Misato.

A solo piano piece by Miss Aki Utsunomiya. Miss Aki Utsunomiya has numerous performance experiences and has appeared as a soloist in The Nishinomiya Symphony Orchestra in 1991. Currently she is the pianist at The Osaka College of Music.

The second half of the concert are jointly performed by the guest artist.

D' artes ensemble and Drs. Yoesbar Djaelani as the conductor. D' artes ensemble consisted of eight young talented musicians from varies professional background.

Drs. Yoesbar Djaelani, currently a lecturer in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. He has wide experience in arranging, composing music and conducting concert. We were entertained by two wonderful piece of music 'Putus sudah kasih sayang' and 'Tunggu Sekejap' by P. Ramlee and arranged by Drs Yoesbar Djaelani for the concert and performed by Misato Sakai. The song that most of us can relate to but the intense suprano by Misato give it a different twist that most of us have not experience it before.

The D' Artes in action with Pak Yoes as the conductor.

A lovely vocal duet by Misato Sakai (suprano) and Eddie Chan (Tenor) accompanied by musician.

A wonderful evening coming to an end with another song by the musician and lastly a presentation of bouquet of flower to the musicians.

I was unable to capture another guest artist performing with the musician. He is Christopher Dino David Ebol playing the percussion and sape. They performed a song called 'Suara Bumi Kenyalang' composed by Laura Pranti Tutom.

A total of 22 lovely pieces of music was performed during the concert.

I hope Kuchingite can experience more musical performance in the future.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Serene and Beautiful Giam Waterfall

Giam waterfall can be found in kampung Giam at Padawan. A short distance drive from Kuching's city and it is an enjoyable place with cool crystal clear mountain stream water. Lovely place to visit and have picnic.

The scenery around the waterfall taken a few week ago during dry season.

This pool is deep.

A 'sampan' was tied up near the waterfall, according to the local people, the river is connected to the main river of Sarawak. If i remember correctly it is connected to Sungai Sarawak Kanan.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stutong Market, Kuching

The old market at Gambir Street in Kuching was moved to Stutong Market in the year 2007.

How the business at Stutong Market? I am not sure but usually at weekend a lot of people will do their shopping here for fish, prawn, vegetable and lots more. The market is clean and nice with ample parking space.

There is a few coffee shop nearby namely C121, Lee coffee shop, Kuali, Simply Sedap and J&J. It all up to the customer to choose from.

Stutong market.

Vegetables for you to choose from.

Vegetable section.

The seafood section. Fresh prawn.
All type of fresh fish can be found here.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Kuching City, it should be a garden city with garden and plants around city. As this concept has been implemented a long time ago but now I feel that the greenery have been reduced as more and more development occurred. Hopefully, it will be still a garden city in the future.

I was driving in the city at night thus i stop to takes a few snap shots of Kuching.

The baruk like building at the waterfront.

The Grand Margarita Hotel at the Kuching Golden triangle (shopping and hotels).

Who say the economic was bad? I took this picture at Jalan Song. A place that i usually frequent: Peach Garden. What to eat here? I especially like the oyster pancake.

Traffic around Kuching at night.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kuala Lumpur: Night scene

It have been another day, shopping in KL especially at Bukit Bintang area. Thus, was tired and went during the trip back to the hotel, we took some of this photos.

The Petronas Twin Tower. This picture was taken from the hotel room.

Another landmark of KL. Took this picture during the outing for dinner.

Bukit Bintang area, shopping and relaxing.

Capturing the scenery at night around KL. I especially likes the plants and lighting as in a city it hardly can see any plants.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malaysia National Museum (Muzium Negara)

History taught us about what we needs for the future. Without our Malaysian history, we will be at loss as a young nation.

we have a short visit to the National museum due to some work related visit thus was able to go to only one gallery. I would like to advice those individual to take at least one day trip for the visit to understand what have been displayed.

A traditional and artistic wooden house at the museum ground.

The Orang Ulu, burial pole.